Tatjana Boczy

Sociologist by day - PhD student by night.


Tatjana Boczy is a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Her research interests include comparative urban and regional research, social change and institutional transformations, political and environmental sociology, as well as mixed-methods research.

Tatjana explores these issues in her PhD-thesis, that investigates the urban as well as regional intricacies of local welfare under recent social, economic and environmental challenges such as climate change policies and the COVID-19 pandemic. Her contributions are in applications of mixed-method research as well as empirical and theoretical detail of territorial social and climate justice from a sociological perspective.

In 03/2021 she started a sowi:doc Fellowship granted by the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences. This competitive funding allows her to focus on her dissertation for the next three years.

She also thinks that writing about oneself in the third person is weird. But her experience in RPG tabletop gaming help with that feeling.