Networks & Commitments

PhD Club:
Social Spaces & Practices of Governance

This PhD Club is primarily a reading club but can also adapt to members’ punctual needs, e.g. to discuss a member’s written work relevant to the club. Its members collectively choose the readings that form the basis of the debates. Selected readings engage with (urban) governance from a sociological or anthropological perspective. More specifically, the club tackles the social processes of making policy, institutions, bureaucracies, as well as the state. Local conditions and practices form the basis of our perspective on governance that we analytically connect with global processes.

Research Platform:
The Challenge of Urban Futures

The Research Platform aims at scrutinising ecologies of relations that connect multiple thematic areas. Together, the associated researchers seek to unravel the social, cultural, economic and politico-institutional mechanisms underlying the convergences and divergences across European cities to track the transformation of urban structures over the last four decades.

Tatjana is an active member in research projects and event organisation.

NUWiss - Netzwerk Unterbau Wissenschaft

The Netzwerk Unterbau Wissenschaft is a network of people committed to improving working conditions and achieving a true democratisation of universities in Austria (and beyond). We are particularly dedicated to improving the situation of precarious knowledge workers such as students, prae- and postdoc researchers, lecturers and other researchers below the professoriate. Of this group, more than 90 per cent (which corresponds to around 34,000 scientists throughout Austria) are only employed on a temporary basis. A sad top position in international comparison. That is why we stand for a far-reaching abolition of fixed-term employment contracts.

In our view, better working conditions must go hand in hand with a fundamental democratisation of universities. This includes increased decision-making powers, more transparency and greater diversity. To achieve this, we support local groups at various universities and work together with interest groups, associations and representative organisations such as trade unions and the Arbeiterkammer.

Learn more about our vision for a more democratic university and how you can join our movement. Or have a look at our latest news and activites.

Tatjana is a board member of NUWiss and very active with many other organisations and people in the push for better academic conditions at political, ministerial, and local levels.

@nuwiss_at on Twitter

PhD student union for social sciences @University of Vienna

BaGru SoWi Dok is the abbreviation for “PhD base group in social sciences”. The name stands for the elected student representation group of the PhD curriculum in the social sciences. The five officially elected candidates, along with further BaGru activists enrolled in this curriculum, represent PhD students’ interests in various university committees. The current representatives work as a base group. This means that there is a plenary structure open to all PhD-students. Everybody is welcome to come to the meetings, bring ideas, influence decisions and develop activities. As a base group, we prefer consensual decision-making and try to take decisions so that everyone involved can stand by them. We particularly value solution-oriented attitudes.

From 2021 to 2023, Tatjana was an elected representative and vice-chair of the student union for doctoral candidates in social sciences at the University of Vienna. Today, she is a non-elected member supporting committee work and initiatives to improve doctoral education, like the push for better conference funding, non-curricular meeting spaces and events, for example, Graduate Conference 2024.

Austrian Sociological Association

Since 1950 the Association represents sociologists in Austria. It’s main goal is to maintain a network of information and exchange within the sociological community as well as between society and science.

Tatjana is active in the sections for Sociological Theory and Urban Research.

Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences

The Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences promotes innovative, excellent, problem-oriented research that aspires to contribute to societal debates and address key global challenges.

The cohorts trained and supported by the ViDSS are part of a vibrant research environment and international networks. The ViDSS encompasses and fosters connections between a broad range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Tatjana is active member of the ViDSS steering committee.